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Deep Drawn Eyelets

Deep Drawn EyeletsDeep drawn eyelets are open-ended on both sides but can have flared or flanged ends. Deep drawn eyelets are commonly found in the medical, appliance and consumer industries. We manufacture a variety of metals, including stainless eyelets, aluminum eyelets, copper eyelets, and more. Contact us with your specifications for a custom eyelets quote.

Deep Drawn Eyelet Examples

  • Aluminum Eyelets
  • Brass Eyelets
  • Stainless Steel Eyelets
  • Electronic Eyelets
  • Nickel Eyelets
  • Special Eyelets
  • Steel Eyelets
  • High Volume Eyelets
  • Nickel Alloy Eyelets
  • Bronze Eyelets
  • Copper Eyelets
  • Metal Eyelets 

Why Choose National Die for Your Deep Drawn Eyelets?

For 75 years, the National Die Company has been dedicated to manufacturing quality custom deep drawn eyelets and providing the highest level of customer service, while supporting our domestic job market. We have remained true to our roots and proudly continue the tradition that built this country: American manufacturing.

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