National Die Company is proud to be an American deep draw stamping manufacturer located in Wolcott, Connecticut, USA.

National Die is a relatively small yet growing contract metal stamping manufacturing company. Our leadership is working to ensure that this growth is scalable and continuous. In addition to our current operations, we have additional acreage available to accommodate future growth. National Die has expanded their business both domestically and on the international scene, partnering with customers around the world.

Being a smaller company has benefits for our customers. Despite the fact that we serve all industries worldwide, you can count on personal service. When you call us, there's a very good chance the president of the company will pick up the phone. And with the company’s entire operations located under one roof, National Die can ensure smooth and effective communications, project management, and output across all departments, from engineering and tool design to packaging and shipping.  

Team in Action

At the end of the day, National Die is not just manufacturing deep draw stamping. We're providing jobs, stoking the local economy and supporting our community. Each time you purchase a National Die product, you understand that production stimulates the United States and supports your fellow Americans, right here at home.

For National Die, "Made in America" is about far more than manufacturing. It's about community, it's about service, and it's about integrity.

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