Precision Metal Forming Operations

Forming operations we can perform in the development of precision deep drawn parts and metal stamping include:

Beading Rib-like projections mounted on either the binder or the draw ring surface that restrict and control metal flow into the die cavity and over the punch of a draw die. Simply put, draw beads act as speed bumps for material traveling into the die cavity. Beading Samples
BULGING / DIMPLING Localized indent forming, so as to permit the heat of a rivet or a bolt to fasten down flush with the surface of the metal. Bulging/Dimpling Samples
KNURLING / EMBOSSING A process that produces relatively shallow indentations or raised designs with no significant change in metal thickness. Knurling/Embossing Samples
FLUTTING / RIBS Often used to impart rigidity to a part which otherwise might be too flexible and weak. Flutting/Ribs Samples
LETTERING / MARKING Process to add identification such as numbers, letters or graphics to a part. Lettering/Marking Samples
SIDE STABBING / MULTISIDE PIERCING / HOLES A shaped portion of metal is cut from the drawn part using conventional, extruding, or piercing punches. Side Stabbing/Multiside Piercing/Holes Samples
REVERSE DRAW / EXTRUDING Turning up or drawing out a flange around a smaller hole; also called “hole flanging.” Reverse Draw/Extruding Samples
STEP DRAWING When 2 or more different diameters are needed on a part. Step Drawing Samples
THREADING Threads are formed on a part using a roll and arbor. Threading Samples

Many other required metal stamping part features can also be performed in our transfer presses. Contact us today to discuss the requirements of your project.

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