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Deep Drawn Parts

At National Die Company, we produce high volume deep drawn components for a variety of industries, including aerospace components, automotive components, and more. Our deep draw part capabilities include in-house tooling combined with design and engineering support for diverse applications including cans, caps, cases, connectors, cups, eyelets, ferrules, housings, shells and more.

When your project demands precision, contact us to discuss our deep draw stampings capabilities and parts.

The Deep Drawn Part Process

Deep drawn parts are produced in high speed (ICOP) independently cam operated presses. Punches and dies are the tools used to draw and shape the raw material to produce the deep drawn formed part desired. The raw material used is in strip form. The first operation at the press cuts a flat blank from the strip of raw material. The blank is then carried by transfer fingers to the next operation where a cup is drawn. The cup is then transferred to the next station where the metal is drawn in a percentage allowed. It may take up to 12 of these operations to draw and shape into the final deep drawn product.

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