Deep Drawn Metal Stampings and Deep Drawn Parts
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Deep Drawn Parts

National Die Company's deep drawn part capabilities include in-house tooling combined with design and engineering support for diverse applications including cans, caps, cases, connectors, cups, eyelets, ferrules, housings, shells and more.

The Deep Drawn Part Process

Deep drawing is the process of drawing a flat metal blank through a series of dies using a punch. The metal stamping process is considered "deep drawn" when the length of the metal exceeds its diameter. 

From a coil of flat strip metal (provides the lowest level of scrap metal loss possible), each precision and custom metal component is developed in individual stages as it transfers from station to station. These custom deep drawn parts are formed as completely as possible within the machine to eliminate and minimize the need for costly secondary operations.

Deep Drawn Part Examples

deep drawn parts

deep drawn copper partsdeep drawn silver cupsdeep drawn copper housing